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IEEE SmartGridComm Symposium on
Communication networks for Smart Grid

Symposium Co-chairs

Nada Golmie, NIST, US (chair)
Jean-Philippe Vasseur, Cisco Systems, France 
Sang-Jo Yoo, Inha University, Korea

Scope and Motivation

A smart grid is characterized by a two-way flow of electricity and information to create an automated and widely distributed energy delivery network that enables integration, effective cooperation, and information interchange among the many interconnected elements of the electric power grid. Needless to say that such a vision requires the use of highly reliable and secure communication networks.
Many network protocols exist today to adequately support differentiated quality of service, multiple levels of redundancy, multicast operation, over wired and wireless link layer technologies. However, piecing these protocols together in order to support a wide variety of smart grid applications ranging from demand response, smart metering, distribution and automation, to micro-grid management and control is far from trivial. Many challenges and unanswered questions remain beyond basic connectivity and coverage range including resiliency, reliability, adaptability and agility needed in many of the smart grid environments.
This symposium about communication networks for the Smart Grid is concerned with identifying the communication challenges posed by the various grid applications and their communication requirements and investigating adequate approaches for solving them.

Topics of Particular interest

Original papers are welcome on (but not limited to) the following aspects of networking for Smart Grid:
  • Physical and MAC layer protocols
  • Interference assessment and mitigation
  • Capacity planning and resource allocation
  • Modeling and performance analysis
  • Measurement data from testbeds and field trials
  • Cross-layer optimization
  • Congestion and admission control
  • Multi-hop communication and mesh networking
  • FAN, HAN, NAN and BAN architecture issues
  • Lightweight IP networking stacks for constrained devices
  • Low power link layer technologies (PLC and Wireless)
  • 6LowPan
  • Routing issues in Low power and Lossy Networks
  • Resource and service discovery
Submission Guidelines

Submission deadlines and format requirements are the same for all symposia, see here.
Paper submission needs to be performed through EDAS:

Technical Program Committee (TPC) members

Farooq Anjum, Onramp Wireless, USA
David Bakken, Washington State University, USA
Robin Berthier, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Lidong Chen, NIST, USA
Tony Cheneau, NIST, USA
Woon Hau Chin, Toshiba Research Europe, UK
David Cypher, NIST USA
Subir Das, Telcordia, USA
Misha Dohler, CTTC, Spain
Harald Gjermundrod, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
Abolfazel Ghassemi, Stanford University, USA
David Griffith, NIST, USA
Il-Woo Lee, ETRI, Korea
Sukyoung Lee, Yonsei University, Korea
Marco Levato, Stanford University, USA
Qian (Clara) Li, UC Santa Cruz, USA
Yow-Jian Lin, Telcordia Technologies, USA
Jae Moung Kim, Inha University, Korea
Nicolò Michelusi, University of Padova, Italy
Jelena Misic, Toronto University, Canada
Vojislav Misic, Toronto University, Canada
Daehun Nyang, Inha University, Korea
Daeyoung Park, Inha University, Korea
Yi Qian, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, USA
Rose Qingyang Hu, Utah State University, USA
Zhi Hui Shu, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, USA
Siva Subramani, Toshiba Research Europe, UK
Siok Tan, Toshiba Research Europe, UK
Yiran Xu, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, USA
Ye Yan, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA


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