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Student Video Competition

2011 Competition Winner:
Making the Smart Grid Smarter with Social Media

Austin Montgomery, University of Waterloo

3 Finalists (Each received over 1,000 votes)

In preparing for the future of electric systems
Fernando Wittmann, João Montemezzo and Luan Filipe, UNIOESTE
Western Parana State University, Brazil

Making the Smart Grid Smarter with Social Media
Austin Montgomery, University of Waterloo

Power Smart G Phones
Aastikta Sharma, NIT Puducherry

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Submit a SmartGrid video for a chance to win 500 EUR

We invite students to sumbit a video presenting fresh and original views, which may stimulate the research community. In particular, we welcome short videos (duration: 1 to max. 3 minutes), which present original visions in either one of the following two categories:

• Explain innovative smart grid concepts: Dream up new applications, user interfaces, technologies, scenario’s enabling, or enabled by, smart grids. These should be at least conceptually explained; providing some technical solutions is not mandatory, but can be a plus. For example, describe a new smart phone app that allows to monitor your energy profile and provide incentives to reduce your energy usage (or stimulates use of “green energy” coming from renewable sources).

• Showcase benefits of smart grids: i.e. why do we believe smart grids are necessary, what challenges do smart grid concepts/technologies solve, etc.? For example, provide some quantification of energy requirements for electrical car charging and an how to deal with it using an appropriate control mechanism.

Upload your video to YouTube and send the link to by August 19, 2011.

Videos will be screened by a jury for compliance with the scope of the competition as outlined above. The approved videos will be posted on the IEEE SmartGridComm website, where visitors will be able to vote. From the votes, the top 3 will be selected, and from these the winner will be selected by the jury. The winning video will be shown at IEEE SmartGridComm, where the winner will receive a prize of 500 EUR.

Note that only students are eligible to participate.

Important Dates
Video Submission Deadline: August 19, 2011
Online voting period: August 26 – September 30, 2011
Top-3 selection: September 30, 2011
Winner announcement: October 20, 2011

Video competition co-chairs
Prof. Paolo Tenti, University of Padova, Italy
Dr. Joachim Bamberger, Siemens AG, Germany
Dr. Frank Vansteenwinkel, Cisco, Belgium


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