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Paper Submission

Papers for the main conference now is closed. For final paper submissions, see below.

Note that you can still submit papers to the 1st Int. Workshop on Smart Grid Modeling & Simulation (see workshops page; or PDF): please use the following EDAS link, This workshop will be held in conjunction with IEEE SmartGridComm on Monday, Oct. 17, 2011.

Topics of interest & Important dates

The call for papers, with links to the Main conference different symposia descriptions & deadlines is here.

The CFP for the 1st Int. Workshop on Smart Grid Modeling & Simulation can be found on the workshops page; or in this PDF.

Instructions for authors

All accepted papers must be written in English with a maximum paper length of six (6) printed pages (10-point font) including figures, in two-column format.
IEEE Transactions templates for Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats can be found HERE. Alternatively you can follow the sample instructions in this template.

Note that this format requires:
- Authors' affiliation centered under authors' name and title, not in a footnote
- No authors bios nor pictures
- No index terms nor keywords
- In LaTex, the use of the \documentclass[conference]{IEEEtran} command

For final manuscripts of accepted papers, please note the following requirements need to be adhered to:
1) no page numbers and no headers/footers
2) non-zero PDF top and bottom margins (typically, at least 0.5 inches) to help indicate if there are any page numbers
3) IEEE Xplore compliant: fonts should be embedded, no bookmarks and no links (you can set these formatting checks in the configuration)

Final manuscripts should be uploaded using EDAS; for help, see


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