IEEE SmartGridComms ConferenceIEEE
Trends, Gaps and Energy Storage

Lippert, Barchowsky, Sparacino, University of Pittsburgh

In preparing for the future of electric systems

Fernando Wittmann, João Montemezzo and Luan Filipe, UNIOESTE
Western Parana State University, Brazil

PV based Smart Grid/Micro-grid with RSCM

Maxx Patterson, ASU Polytechnic

SmartGrid Demonstration Unit, originally built to serve as an educational

Nathan Murphy, University of Connecticut

LThe Smart Grid: A Benefit & Innovative Solution
Diana Vasquez, Purdue

Smart Solution for Smarting Problem
István Vokony, Bálint Hartmann, Líviusz Lovász, Tibor Fazekas
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Tamás Pilipowski, Dóra Jellinek
Pázmány Péter Catholic University

The Power Paradigm

Andrew Bailey, Purdue

Making the Smart Grid Smarter with Social Media
Austin Montgomery, University of Waterloo

The Communication Integration of Electric Vehicles into the Power Smart Grid

Ricardo Moreno, Harold Chamorro, Mario Malagon
Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

P2P Home Energy Systems
Giuliano Andrea Pagani, University of Groningen

Power Smart G Phones

Aastikta Sharma, NIT Puducherry

Smart Grid - Benefits

Rajesh Ventrapragada, Thomas Z Madathiparampil, Jeff Johny 
St.Joseph's College of Engg. & Technology, Palai, Kerala, India

Smart Grid: Enabling of Massive Distributed Energy Resources

Howard Low, National University of Singapore


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